We get our laptop repaired if it crashes or breaks down. So why would we throw away our damaged clothes? We could always get them dyed.

Washing machine is one of the most useful invention since the invention of wheel. The automatic washing-drying machines with more and more functions make the household chores easy, but we forgot something our ancestors knew: the clothes are like our skin, must be known, cared for and nurtured.

The clothes made of natural ingredients are fashionable again. Washing, cleaning these materials requires profound attention and this is particularly true to spot cleaning. When the white underwear is mixed with half a pair of blue socks, our machine surprises us with a "charming" blue end result. This could be saved if the cotton underwear is chlorable, but what happens if a quality t-shirt is coloured by those damn socks?

We start to chlose, but oh my, the bleach bespots our brand new jeans. Then we get a brush-pen as recommended by the neighbors, and there's a fixed, big dapple showing off on our clothes. This is the final stage. Should we throw away our precious new pair of trousers? No. But we can bring it to the dry-cleaner.

You can "reinvent" your faded, worn-out but favorite piece of clothes by getting it dyed or you can change the colour of your worn-out, boring t-shirt. Think of how many brocades, velvets, fringes, ribbons, laces, and more must be dyed for a theater costume as imagined by the designer!

Your can trust us with all your dyeing and dry-cleaning needs. We make every day of yours clean, convenient and colourful. We make costume- and fashion designers dream come true on stage and in films, and in everyday life, by colours and moods. There is no impossible request for us so do get in touch.