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Our business was founded in 1906 as a traditional dyer's and drycleaner's which was passed down from one generation to the next. It has been operating at the same location since 1957.
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Why choose us?

ruhafestés ruhatisztítás    trustworthy, high quality work for decades,
ruhafestés ruhatisztítás    combination of traditional workshop secrets and modern technologies,
ruhafestés ruhatisztítás    enhanced professional experience and vocation,
ruhafestés ruhatisztítás    customer-tailored services,
ruhafestés ruhatisztítás    high quality and exclusivity,
ruhafestés ruhatisztítás    fast and flexible service.
ruhafestés ruhatisztítás    contact us for all your needs in dyeing and dry-cleaning

You can trust us with all your dyeing and dry-cleaning needs. We make costume- and fashion designers dream come true on stage and in films, and in everyday life, by colours and moods. There is no impossible request for us so do get in touch.